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5th to 8th graders

In Bethany Students for 5th thru 8th graders, we fan into Flame the faith that they have in Christ. Students begin to share their faith and participate in service events. 


9th to 12th graders

High School students are FUEL(ed) in their faith as it is unleashed in everyday life. Students are challenged to own their faith and better understand God, themselves, and others. 

Trip begins on Saturday, July 11 as we travel to Memphis, TN to see AJ Vega and worship with ILC on Sunday morning before we head over to Nashville to start our Week of Hope.  Week of Hope through Group Missions mixes youth from all over the United States into mixed teams of 6-8 to head out into the local community to serve.  Each day is unique and special.  Then at night we worship, fellowship and share with our Bethany youth family all the various ways that we served God that day.  This event will have over 100 participants so you will not want to miss it!

Cost is $275 for the week.  Student participants MUST BE 12 YEARS & UP by the time of the trip. No exceptions. Registration is due no later than October 27 and a non-refundable deposit of $50 will be due at that time.  Adult Chaperones are FREE!  You will need to log into your REALM account to register. Follow instructions on the registration screen.

Youth and adults that are interested in attending need to serve at least one time for our Pumpkin Patch this fall.  This includes our Junior High Families!  Monies each year from the Pumpkin Patch provide funding for our summer programs.