An Amateur

I always have this nagging feeling of some inadequacy. I look at people around me and I think:

  • Why can’t I do what they do?
  • What is it that they have that I am missing?
  • I just wish it was that easy for me to _______.

Average is just not good enough it seems. Not for me and not in our culture. We are driven to be above average and anything less feels like a failure.  Bethany has started a new sermon series and we kicked it off talking about how Christ calls the amateur. The word amateur means inept or unskillful.

When I see the words “inept or unskillful” I can’t help but think of all the ways that I feel and resemble those words. The reality is that as hard as I try and no matter how much I try to achieve so much of what I seek is fleeting. Let’s assume I could be the best or above average in anything…  how long would it be before someone else was better? How much peace of mind and contentment would I and do I give up trying to not feel inadequate?

Christ calls the amateur because Christ doesn’t want you to work for yourself but wants you to let him work through you. He calls us – the amateurs – so that we can’t boast (1 Corinthians 1:29).

How good does that feel? Despite all the ways that I am inept or unskilled Christ chooses me.

He chooses you.  

He chooses you EVEN when no one else might. 

Even when you feel like you shouldn’t be chosen at all because of who you are … Christ reaches out and he calls – “Come, follow me…” (Matthew 4:19)