Thank you so much for taking the time to join us in worship! We are always striving to be a place where people can connect, grow in their faith in following Christ, and where families feel they belong. By taking the time to answer a few questions for us you help us to not only better serve you and your family but the community of Bethany as a whole. 

Age Range of Adults Living in the Home
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Age Rage of Child(ren) in the Home
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Church Experience
Which Service did you attend?
Evaluate your Experience (Be Honest)
Evaluate your Experience (Be Honest)
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Music at Bethany is great!
Sermon was engaging, insightful, or helpful
Worship environment improved my experience
People at Bethany are friendly
Children's Sunday School/Experience was good
Adult Sunday School/Experience was good
Facilities/Bathrooms etc. are welcoming and clean
How did you hear about Bethany?
Will you join us again this Sunday or an upcoming Sunday?
I will recommend Bethany to family and friends.
If you would like to share
If you would like share.