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God is gathering a group of guys for a weekend adventure. Together, we will enjoy God’s vast creation. Together, we will share our joys and struggles as men. Together, we will learn to forget what lies behind us and—boldly—move FORWARD to what lies ahead.

We sincerely want to experience Bethany’s Men’s Retreat together … with you. Will you join us?


The new location is approximately 90 miles west of Bethany. We recommend taking a half day off work on Friday, January 18, if possible, since this is slightly farther than our previous site. Dinner will be provided that evening at the camp. Don’t worry ... Kevin will bring Bluebonnet Café pies! (Right, Kevin?)


We are thrilled to be hosting Bethany’s Men’s Retreat for the FIRST TIME at Deer Creek Camp in Medina, TX! The camp will provide a slightly more rustic camp experience (i.e. bring your own bedding), but also will provide adventurous outdoor activities, delicious meals cooked with guys in mind, and fantastic facilities for small and large group gatherings. 


The $99 registration fee covers lodging, food, and all outdoor activities.
Full schedule and event details will be available in early January.