• We spend a lot of time at church learning about Jesus and others in the Bible, but why?
  • How is that supposed to change anything?  Does it?
  • How are we supposed to be changed?  And if we are are, what does that look like?

This retreat is going to tackled those questions and more.  You will not want to miss the Senior High Fall Retreat at CYJ Retreat Center in Wimberly, TX.

This year’s event is open to ALL Senior High Youth and Confirmands.

Retreat begins on Friday, April 14 at 5pm (campers can arrive until 7pm) and ends on Sunday at 11am.  Must be registered by April 2nd.  Youth will be responsible for transportation to and from the camp.  Carpool plans will be shared in the future.

Cost is $125 for the weekend.  Deposit of $50 is due at registration.  Adult Chaperones are FREE!