Join the ministry that helps our brothers and sisters recover after a disaster. Partnering with the Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN), volunteers train in various ways to be better prepared for a disaster so that they can better serve the community. 


Rain is a blessing for our gardens, lawns, and lakes.  Too much rain or severe weather can cause damage and flooding for our neighbors in Central Texas.  We have seen it this year and before.  Our Disaster Preparedness and Response Ministry is working with ADRN (Austin Disaster Relief Network) to create “CLEAN-UP BUCKETS” that will be distributed to those in need when severe weather hits. 

How can I help?  For the CLEAN-UP BUCKETS we need donated items to help fill them, such as Large Spray Bottle, Bleach, power cleanser, scrub brushes, and more.  One way is when you are grocery shopping pick up one of the items and bring it to church on Sunday.  Once a month, we will assembly the “CLEAN-UP BUCKETS” and take these directly to ADRN.  Below is the list of all the needs and can be placed in the box in the Worship Center Lobby. Questions?  Complete form below.


  • 3 N-95 masks

  • large spray bottle

  • bleach (1.27 liter)

  • antibacterial multi-purpose cleaner

  • powder cleanser

  • scrub brushes

  • soap bar

  • radial dish brush

  • large Latex gloves

  • brillo sponges

  • sponges

  • safety goggles

  • cloth rags

  • kitchen trash bags (medium roll)

Disaster Preparation and Response Leadership team

We are always looking for leaders with a passion for helping God’s children prepare and recover from a disaster.  Come to our next meeting to learn more.  We meet the 2nd Friday of every month.  Check Realm for our next meeting time and location.  Not part of the Disaster Preparedness and Response Team Realm group, let us know and we’ll add you.

Keep your eyes open for other ways to get engaged.

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