Communication Request

Deadline: 8 weeks before the event

Great people do great things here, and we want you to be able to give people a chance to be part of those great things. Our goal is to foster your creativity and enhance your reach to people who are connected to this church.

Please fill out the following request for your upcoming event and include as much as information as you can.  If the event and/or program is occurring at Bethany, the date/time/room usage will need to be verified first before it can be publicized.  The deadline for the request needs to be submitted 8 weeks before the event to provide adequate time for edit and final proof before being publicized.  If you have any questions, please contact Cindy McCormick in the church office.


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Primary Contact Phone
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Graphic Design
Deadline for all materials to be submitted (if you have specific artwork, text, photos, etc.) is 2 weeks before final publication. We do have graphic designers that will design your material but the more lead time the better for any changes.