Meet Abner!

Abner is part of the Lutheran Church Charities K9 Comfort Dog program. 

Abner enjoys working, tail always wagging. As part of his training and experience he has been exposed to many different locations and situations; urban to rural. Abner has visited churches, schools, libraries, nursing homes, fire & police departments, shopping centers, restaurants, and airports. 

Abner's birthday is May 2, 2015. He enjoys playing with a Chuck-it-ball and Kong Frisbee and of course loves his end of day massages and grooming time. 

We do not charge to visit people or places and our ministry is completely funded through donations.  


If you are interested in volunteering for this ministry or requesting information on having the dog visit a location or individual contact

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You, Lord, are my lamp; the Lord turns my darkness into light.
— 2 Samuel 22:29

Veterinary care is graciously provided by
Brodie Animal Hospital

Cannon Oaks Shopping Center
3421 W William Cannon Dr # 110
Austin, TX 78745
(512) 892-3486

No one loves seeing people smile more than a dentist!

Dr. Heck and his team graciously support Abner in bringing smiles all over Austin! Visit smile creations to improve your smile. Who knows you may see Abner!

3022 W Slaughter Ln.
Austin, TX 78748
(512) 280-8800

Dr. Heck with Abner
Client with Abner

Abner is part of the Lutheran Church Charities organization and not only serves the Austin area but will respond to national needs to bring comfort to those who need it. 

K9 Comfort Dogs Visit Dallas After Police Shooting.

Golden retrievers from the K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry went to Orlando to help victims' families and others affected by the nightclub shooting.

Support Abner and the work of his team. Text any amount: it can be $10 #abner OR 10 #abner to 512-213-2367
A link will be texted back to you to fill out information to take the donation. 
The donation is not charged to your existing cell phone bill.